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S + D Newsletter

October 2018 Newsletter

After 9 years of a bull market, media reports of the U.S. stock market’s continuing climb can lead investors to abandon one of the most basic risk mitigating strategies, diversification.

June 2018 Newsletter

Dear Clients and Friends, We have recently had some great conversations with clients concerning investments and have concluded that several important points from these conversations need to be shared with all clients.

May 2018 Newsletter

Dear Clients and Friends, We have recently purchased an unlimited professional license of Everplans, a software package that we believe our clients and families will find valuable.

February 2018 Newsletter

Dear Clients and Friends, February has ushered in some significant volatility in the stock market, with most of that being experienced on the downside. We are reminded that the stock market often takes the stairs on the way up and the elevator on the way down.

October 2017 Newsletter

Dear Clients and Friends, Everyone seems to have a favorite season. Many fans in the Mid-Atlantic region rejoice as the humidity fades, leaves turn, and football season arrives. As children return to the seriousness of school work, many adults often follow suit by focusing their efforts in getting things crossed off their to-do lists.